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So what does a market analyst do, exactly?

A career in analysis can be one of the most dynamic jobs in marketing. Sinead Hasson looks at what the job involves and the skills you'll need to succeed View more

Careers in management accountancy: it's more than just number crunching

What do management accountants do and what skills do you need to become one? Peter Simons looks at the routes into the profession and what you can expect from the role View more

Banks? No, thanks!

For graduates of the world’s leading business schools, investment banking is out and consulting and technology firms are in View more

The Woes of Wall Street: Why Young Bankers Are So Miserable

The pay is good. Everything else is bad. View more

Graduate insights: Getting into investment banking

Investment banking recently topped the Graduate Careers Survey's dream jobs list. Matthew Caines goes to Canary Wharf to talk to the graduates who have secured jobs in the sector and ask them how they did it View more

The insider's guide to working in investment banking

Are you intelligent, entrepreneurial and interested in how finance fits into the world around us? Then a career in investment banking could be for you. View more

Actuarial science: the less trodden path

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Weigh actuarial science as a job option

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It’s a new beginning for actuary aspirants

It’s a new beginning for actuary aspirants - The institute feels many of the students who have managed to pass its professional exams lack the skills and aptitude required for an actuary’s job. View more

Why you should NOT be doing Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science candidates are finding it extremely difficult to get a job and feel that they have done a bluder by entering in the wrong profession View more

Higher study options in economics

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Is economics based on shaky statistics?

A new paper finds that more than half of economic studies are unreproducible. But there could be even deeper issues with the discipline, says David Matthews View more

BCom versus economics?

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Chartered Accountants prefer comfort of a job to going it alone

AHMEDABAD: Bipinbhai Shah, a chartered accountant from Vadodara, was happy when his son Jinal cleared the CA exam in 1999. He had pinned his hopes on Jinal joining the family firm, established in View more

Should Chartered Accountants enter into practice?

Unless the ICAI changes its role and becomes more of a quality educator, it would be better to look at other career options and not practice as a CA View more

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