India witnessed a 114 per cent increase in online search for overseas education compared to last year, a study undertaken by, a leading digital platform for local services shows.

This study was conducted in various cities, including Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. Delhi  with a 140 % increase leads, followed by Bangalore (122 %), Hyderabad (99 %), Chennai (93 %), Mumbai (81 %), Pune (76 %) and Ahmedabad (62 %).  The most favoured destinations included the regulars, USA, Germany, Australia, UK and Singapore, in decreasing preference of search. While US was the first choice for  for business and management related courses, for arts and social sciences most students preferred UK.


A majority of students are willing to pay double the amount of fee for an overseas degree as compared to an Indian degree.

About 63 per cent of Indian students are searching for post-graduate courses online followed by 28 per cent of the students looking for PhD courses and 9 per cent for undergraduate programmes. In another interesting fact, a majority of students are willing to pay double the amount of fee for an overseas degree as compared to an Indian degree. The most popular courses were in the medical, computer science, law, economics, communication and media, and psychology. Almost half the students on the web who are planning to go abroad, select an institution on the basis of course, followed by every 1 in 3 student, making a decision based on the popularity of the institution as opposed to every 1 in 5 students who decide the city/country before.

Satya Prabhakar, CEO,, said, “Overseas education is one of the fastest growing businesses and there is an explosion in demand for it. Niche courses, enhanced job prospects, global exposure and practical training are some key reasons Indian parents are keen to have their children study abroad.”  (Source)

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