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‘My mind is full of fluff’ (said who?) This is the space for all the fluff, that doesn’t have a direct impact on our education and is often ignored, but is essential in equal part. ‘5th Space’ denotes a safe & secure environment, where anything and everything can be discussed, without fear.

Of Nursery Admissions: Privilege & Diversity in Schools

This is the third of a five part series that aims to understand the process of nursery admissions in Delhi and annual struggles associated with it. Here’s a fact – Delhi has about 5043 schools. It almost makes one believe that the...

/ February 4, 2016

Of Nursery Admissions: Forms, Confusion and Chaos

This is the first of a five part series that aims to understand the process of nursery admissions in Delhi and annual struggles associated with it. The ongoing process of nursery admissions in Delhi has developed a knack for being in...

/ January 30, 2016

15 Questions to Put the Year in Perspective for YOU!

And just like that, another year is in its final chapter, ready to pave way for a new year. As you complain about how seamlessly ‘time flew by’, or make a list of resolutions that you are unlikely to keep,...

/ December 31, 2015

Will You Give a Christmas Gift that REALLY Matters?

You don’t have to be a Christian to truly understand and appreciate the meaning of Christmas; just a believer. Religious connotations aside, the idea, spirit and concept of Christmas can be summarised in a single word ‘Sharing’. Though books, movies...

/ December 25, 2015

What connects Emotional Quotient and your Dream Job?

All of us have admired the brilliance of the narcissistic, sarcastic and social misfit Dr. Gregory House, from Fox’s popular show House MD.  ‘A genius with side effects‘, is what they called him. Though, this ‘genius’ did manage to tug the...

/ December 15, 2015

The Curse and Blessing of ‘What Next?’

It began with the regular WhatsApp conversation on the night before (read: I-haven’t-studied-anything-I-am-going-to-fail-night) of my friend’s exam. Her final semester exam. 1.47 a.m. Friend 1: Bohot ho gaya! I can’t take this anymore! I am off to Himalayas. Friend 2: Count me...

/ December 10, 2015

The Intolerance Debate: Which Side are YOU On?

Cautionary Warning: This article is NOT meant to change/sway/form your opinion. It is merely an attempt to direct the present intolerance discourse to another set of important issues, the ones that actually need to be in focus. If you plan...

/ December 5, 2015

Pre-Examination Stress: Good or Bad?

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to be”, you explain to your stressed-out self. You repeat this a million times, while mentally calculate the time duration of all the television series you’ve watched this semester, and then imagining how different your...

/ November 26, 2015

The Real Problem that Indian Students are Facing

Despite the number of students who score 95% and above in class XII Boards exams multiplying by 23 times since 2008, the education system of India has never faced bigger challenges. The Ministry Human Resources Development is worried by the...

/ November 14, 2015

5 Lessons Every Student Must Learn from Ramayana

Every year, the calendar sees a spectacle of light, that goes on for almost a week, that promises to bring with itself hope, happiness and change. Diwali, probably marks the biggest event in the religious calendars of India, and symbolises the...

/ November 11, 2015

Is Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) FYUP 2.0?

“I am not sure of its’ future benefits but right now, it is definitely causing chaos.” says Urvi Malik, a first year student from Hindu College, when asked about the now infamous, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

/ September 2, 2015

The Year that was for Indian Students

“Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high, where Knowledge is free..”-Rabindranath Tagore Gone are the days when ‘Education’ enjoyed the naïve reputation of being noble and transcendental. With the rising awareness and the growth of the...

/ August 30, 2015

Security a Major concern for Girls in Colleges

It’s been over a month since the new academic session at University of Delhi has begun but girl students studying in  DU don’t want to be welcomed with fake promises of being safe and secure. A recent survey done by a youth...

/ August 28, 2015

How to Make Your Parents Say Yes To Everything!

Some data scientists believe that, the most often repeated word by mothers to their teenage children is ‘NO’. Well, not really. It is not impossible to change that NO to a ‘Maybe’ and a gradual YES!

/ July 5, 2015

5 Bad Habits You Need To Change In College

Congratulations, if you’ve gotten into your dream college! If you’ve settled for something less, don’t be disheartened, this is what you can do. Life is college is completely different from life in school. There’s a lot more freedom and a...

/ July 5, 2015

How Education in India is Killing Students’ Creativity

Part 1: Is Your School Killing Your Creativity? The most watched TED talk on YouTube is Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ at over 8 million views! In it, he mentions a widely accepted truth: exams (standardized tests) do...

/ July 1, 2015

How Taking A Break Year Will Change Your Life

Before you read on, be sure to check out Part 1 here: Why You Should Take A Break Year After 12th You’ll be doing everything you’ve probably said no to in the past two years to study for Boards. Even...

/ June 28, 2015

Why You Should Take A Break Year After 12th

Nandita, a friend, recently went to Delhi University to enroll in a Philosophy Course. And she randomly asked another aspirant the following: Nandita: Why did you choose Philosophy? DU Aspirant: That’s the only subject I am able to clear the...

/ June 28, 2015

What Most Students Don’t Consider Before Taking a College Admission

If you intend to take your college education seriously, and actually learn, do not forget to visit each college on your list once before making a decision. Check out when your prospective colleges will have an open session.

/ June 22, 2015

Do THIS If You’re In A High School Relationship

High School mein pyaar sabko hota hai: kabhi best friend ke saath, kabhi jis ladki ke saath chidaya jaata hai aur kabhi new-admission waale ladke ke saath.

/ June 22, 2015