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How Delhi University Can (Kind Of) Solve Its “High Cut-Offs” Problem

As the Delhi University cut-offs get higher each year, the internet is flooded with memes at the ridiculous minimum percentages, cries of pass-outs and increasing blood pressure of high school students unsure if they’ll crack the DU admissions in the...

/ June 25, 2015

DU Announces First Cut-Off List: B.Com(H) at 97.375% for SRCC, 97.25% for Hindu & Hansraj

Delhi University cut-offs flirt with the 100 percent mark for yet another year as colleges promise to be “cautious”. The front runners this year are Lady Shri Ram College, A.R.S.D and CVS, all announcing a whopping 98% for its B.Com...

/ June 25, 2015