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Things History Students are Tired of Hearing

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged (in India) that an ‘Arts student’, in possession of a regular Indian family, relatives and neighbourhood must be in want of a more aware vicinity’ – A vicinity¬†which doesn’t fire its prejudices from their...

/ November 24, 2015

The Real Problem that Indian Students are Facing

Despite the number of students who score 95% and above in class XII Boards exams multiplying by 23 times since 2008, the education system of India has never faced bigger challenges. The Ministry Human Resources Development is worried by the...

/ November 14, 2015

Indian Education needs to be Market-Ready

India’s human resources has been under the spotlight for sometime now. However, a large part of this demographic dividend may not be market ready, as a recent study has revealed that even the country’s educated youth are unemployable.

/ September 9, 2015

Indian Students: 2nd Highest in USA

Indian students account for the second highest number of foreign students studying at US universities and institutions, said US Ambassador to India Richard R Verma. There are over a hundred thousand Indian students in the US presently. Verma also added,...

/ August 31, 2015