Engineering Videos

  • What is marketing management?

    What is marketing management?

    Eunkyu Lee, associate professor of marketing and chair of the marketing department at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, explains the marketing profession/discipline.

  • The cool math behind engineering

    The cool math behind engineering

    This animation brings to life the math and engineering behind: the New York Times Square fireworks display, a parachute jump from space and generating renewable energy in Denmark.
    We get a glimpse of the equations and calculations involved in determining mass, launch velocity, terminal velocity, drag coefficient, wind resistance and power generation capacity.
    In addition to mathematics, it touches on the applications of aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering and software engineering. 
    This short educational STEM video is about maths and engineering. It is targeted at high school students – especially those who are looking to study engineering at university.

  • Transforming Engineering Education in India

    Transforming Engineering Education in India

    Witness how Prof. Kavi Arya and his team at the Computer Science Dept. of IIT Bombay teach embedded systems to their students. Called e-Yantra, the pioneering project is MHRD funded and reaching Engg Colleges across India, transforming the way students understand computer science.

  • Human factors and ergonomics

    Human factors and ergonomics

    Human factors and ergonomics is a multidisciplinary field incorporating contributions from psychology, engineering, biomechanics, mechanobiology, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry. In essence it is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities. The two terms "human factors" and "ergonomics" are essentially synonymous.

  • Engineering Biology

    Engineering Biology

    Meet synthetic biologist, Christopher Voigt. His research could offer critical new products in human health, agriculture, and chemicals. And ultimately, it could serve “as a mechanism for tackling some of the big problems of the world.”

  • Are engineers human?

    Are engineers human?

    This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Geek stereotypes and a misunderstanding of what engineers really do has contributed to the very real, world-wide shortage of engineers. Engineer Patricia Galloway shares the list of the world's most serious challenges, poses that engineers are the best qualified to fix them, and shares how the media and changing public perception might be good for the engineering profession and even better for the world.

  • How I succeeded as a woman in engineering

    How I succeeded as a woman in engineering

    In many ways, Cassandra Cole is a typical third-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Hand her a broken camera tripod or a wobbly table card holder and her first instinct is to examine it, figure out how it works, and try to fix it. Look up the video….

  • Why Engineering? Mechanical, Power, Civil

    Why Engineering? Mechanical, Power, Civil

    Professionals tell us how they got into engineering and what is great about the career. Engineers try to make the world around us better through creation of machines, civil projects and systems.

  • The life and Career of a Professional Sound Engineer

    The life and Career of a Professional Sound Engineer

    Short Radio Documentary about Gary Bradshaw, a professional live sound engineer who has worked with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Roger Waters, Take That, Will Young, Mike Oldfield and Diana Ross.

  • Mechanical Engineers; design it; build it; install it!

    Mechanical Engineers; design it; build it; install it!

    Have a look at the day in the life of a mechanical engineer.

  • What is engineering?

    The application of knowledge in order to solve problems, build, design, invent, improve, and maintain  devices, machines, materials, processes, structures, and systems of these. 

    An engineer uses their knowledge of the sciences (both applied and otherwise) to create solutions. 

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  • Why should we study engineering?

    Engineers are involved in all aspects of designing, building and testing new technologies and products. Creativity and problem solving are at the heart of every engineering industry. Read on…..

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  • What does an engineer do?

    To answer it very briefly - An engineer studies a problem, and engineers a solution. It is not a remedy for the effect like the typical allopathic treatment, but a treatment or solution for the cause like in Ayurveda…..

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  • What is mechanical engineering?

    Mechanical Engineering is one of the most broad engineering disciples there is. Generally there are two major categories: heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) and product design. In the case of HVAC, the goal is to design systems to move heat away or towards an application, such as developing the HVAC for a building or complex…….

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  • What are the main differences between physicists and engineers?

    Physics is a science.

    Engineering is an art. Well, scientifically based art. Applied scientific artworks, one may say.

    Physicist uses models of the material to investigate the phenomena of nature. For example, the flow of fluids, and particularly of water. He starts with “dry” water, i.e. no viscosity, no contaminations……

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