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The field that is concerned with upholding rules made to govern our societies. In India, there are more than 13 lakh lawyers and it is tough to secure a name for yourself without years of struggle. At the structure level, there is much room for innovation as over 3 crore cases are pending in courts.






Civil Rights

Civil Rights





  • Becoming a lawyer in Australia

    Becoming a lawyer in Australia

    A look at what it’s like to be a lawyer in Australia.

  • The beginnings of wildlife protection law in India

    The beginnings of wildlife protection law in India

    A Look into the lesser popular branches of Indian Law : the history of wildlife protection law in India.

  •  Law Education Trends

    Law Education Trends

    The video talks about how law schools, some of them are implementing a method where which the students are learning the necessary skills to become profession-ready and start doing the job right from day one

  • 60 years of the Indian legal system

    60 years of the Indian legal system

    The video looks at the failings and strengths of Indian judicial system that is regarded as one of the best system. It looks at the endemic corruption in the legal system; and whether it is a farce or not and how it is affecting the system. 

  • Revamping Law Education

    Revamping Law Education

    The video talks about how the mushrooming of law schools has resulted in a reduction in the quality of the legal education provided. It also assesses the harm these mediocre law colleges provide and how this has resulted.

  • An interview of a Delhi Law Faculty Student

    An interview of a Delhi Law Faculty Student

    An interview of a Delhi Law Faculty student, the video highlights three issues plaguing the legal education system- a lack of practicing lawyers as teachers, greater number of law schools providing a three year LLB course as well as better infrastructure.


Law of Torts and its application to the Gaza and Israel Conflict

This article talks about how moral principles of Tort Law can be applied to the crisis in Israel and Palestine. This is a classic example of inter-disciplinary case study where Legal Principles are being used to solve a moral political crisis.

Know 10 of the Best Lawyers in India 2016

India has some influential and powerful lawyers, who can hold the whole court in awe with their strong arguments and great confidence. This article introduces you to the Top 10 Lawyers in India and their success stories.


Legal Education and Law School Challenges

The article is an interview with the Dean of one of the most efficient and famous law school. In the article, he talks about the future plans for legal education, the present challenges and how he plans to tackle them.

No Shortcut to Law

Reminiscing about her first case, Pavani Reddy ( London based Lawyer) talks about her first case. She is the Managing Partner, Zaiwalla & Co Solicitors, a London-based law firm that specializes in international commercial arbitration and litigation. She talks about the challenges she faced pursuing law in London and also offers advice to aspiring lawyers.

An Interview with Jasdeep Randhawa, Lawyer and Public Policy Analyst , United Nations Human Settlement Program.

After attaining several legal degrees from prestigious institutions such as GLC (Mumbai), Yale Law School and The University of Oxford, Jasdeep Randhawa went on to be consulted by Govt. of India, The World Bank, The Gates Foundation and a number of other organizations for her unmatched legal skills and understanding.

Why is Legal Education in India falling behind?

This article dissects (to the T) one of the most challenging tasks in legal education in India which is to strike a proper balance to ensure that students are taught a fair mix of courses that give them knowledge and training in Indian law, but at the same time prepare them for facing the challenges of globalization.