• About ACN Group of Institution

    Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of the ACN Group of Companies and Institutions since its inception in 1993. The Group has several business interests in Education Services, Healthcare, Trade, Media and various social commitments.Under the dynamic leadership of a great visionary and founder chairman Mr. Riasat Ali Chaudhry, ACN Group of Institution has been started as not for profit venture in the year 1993, with a belief that quality education on affordable basis is the biggest service to the nation and community as a corporate citizen. He mentions quiet often that - Education remain a strongest factor to build India into a developed nation as a backbone to economic development. Globalization has created uniformity in customer expectations across the world. With the opening up of an Indian economy in 1992, the demand for trained professionals has grown manifold. Suitably trained manpower is critical for an economic development of a nation. Large pool of highly trained resources has provided India leadership position in Knowledge-based industries.

    China is already a leader in bulk manufacturing whereas India could emerge as leader in knowledge based industries and manufacturing. With these thoughts in mind, ACN Group of Institutions (ACNGI) has seen its days. ACNGI being run and managed under ACN Educational Trust, currently provides 15 courses in major spectrum of the learning curve through 7 colleges, 2 schools and 1 polytechnic through various campuses spread across Aligarh, Meerut, Muzzafarnagar, and Delhi. ACNGI is offering Degrees and Diplomas courses of various universities in the field of Medicine, Paramedical Sciences, Engineering, Management, Education and other related disciplines.

    ACNGI plans to take service to society through quality education to a level by expanding its educational infrastructure to provide world class education towards building world class institutions. ACNGI flagship campus of 100 acres with best of the best campus life is situated at Aligarh where majority of colleges and courses are being run. ACNGI has international presence in developed countries like Spain, UK and Australia, which brightens career opportunities for students during the course of learning. Institute has also forged international linkages with an institute in Saudi Arabia.
    These international exposures of an ACNGI equips its students with skills required for overseas employment Given below is the list of institutions under the aegis of ACN Group of Institutions:

Why ACN Group of Institution

  • Vision
  • ACNGI seek to be a world leader for the development of nations and society through an integration of
  • a. Knowle
  • b. Help evolve young and creative minds.
  • c. Leadership in service and outreach.
  • Mission
  • 1, Help prepare outstanding scholars towards professional advancement.
  • 2, Technology enabled education, athletics, leadership development and innovative educational policy.
  • 3, Values based education, service quality and fostering innovation and creativity.
  • Core Values
  • 1, Free from discrimination.
  • 2, Encouraging questioning spirit.
  • 3, Quality and depth in whatever we do.
  • 4, Learn throughout life.
  • 5, Freedom of thought and expression through positive impact leadership.
  • 6, Sustainability approach and concern for environment and society.
  • 7, Be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible stewardship.
  • 8, Be inclusive and treat each other with respect and dignity.
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