• About Ahmedabad University

    Ahmedabad University (AU) was established in July 2009. It is promoted by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES), a Society established in 1935 which is one of the best education societies in western India. It is a self-financed, non-affiliating State Private University established under Section 3(1) of the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009.

Why Ahmedabad University

  • Global education at local costs
  • Ahmedabad University has taken up the challenge of raising the standard of higher education in various fields like
  • Balance of technical and social skills
  • Ahmedabad University promotes the balance of technical and social skills required to develop a well rounded professional to meet the global industrial standards and become responsible citizens. On one hand, Ahmedabad University students will be encouraged to conduct scientific research, think creatively and participate in the field research to identify grassroots level problems. Students will be provided facilities such as industrial labs/incubators to develop their ideas, lead them to innovations and sustainable products. On the other hand, Ahmedabad University students will be required to take courses in humanities, arts and social sciences, providing students with solid foundation in creative thinking and communication skills.
  • Emphasis on multidisciplinary education
  • Ahmedabad University offers multidisciplinary collaborative teaching and learning environment with consistent pedagogic exchange within Ahmedabad University facilities, within the Ahmedabad Education Cluster and also in tie up with foreign universities. Education at Ahmedabad University will be a four way interactive process among the students, industry, society and faculty. The course curriculum is updated regularly to meet the changing needs of the society and industry.
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