• About Faculty of Architecture

    To scale great heights, a firm foundation is the most fundamental requirement. At Karpagam Academy of Higher Education’s School of Architecture, it is this philosophy that drives us to build a strong base for our students, one that allows them to reach out to the skies. From the expertise of internationally acclaimed architects as guest faculty to internships in eminent architectural firms, our students don’t just get an education on high-rise buildings, they learn how to rise high.The unique feature of the School is the course structure and updated curriculum which insists on inculcating abilities to visualize, conceive, formulate and design. We strive to impart knowledge in emerging architectural areas such as virtual reality, sustainable design, computer aided design through digital interactive learning systems.

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    Why Faculty of Architecture

      The focus of the School of Architecture is to develop and mould students into professional architects through academic learning, practical exposure, team work, creative management skills and partic

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