• About Manipur University

    Manipur University was established on 5th June, 1980 under the Manipur University.as a teaching cum-affiliating university at Imphal with territorial jurisdiction over the state of Manipur.The university is in Canchipur, Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, India. The campus is spread over an area of 287 acres (1.16 km2) in historic Canchipur, the old palace of the kingdom of Manipur. Located in the historic Canchipur, the University has a campus of 287.53
    acres with scenic surroundings.
    The campus is endowed with historical
    and cultural places like the Rasmandal, the
    place where the famous Ras Lila was performed
    during the reign of Rajashri Bhagyachandra, and
    the Langthabal Konung (Palace), where King
    Maharaja Gambhir Singh, who liberated Manipur
    from the Burmese, took his last breath. Canchipur
    is also the birthplace of Dr Lamabam Kamal
    Singh, a renowned poet of Manipur.

Why Manipur University

    The Educational Multimedia Research Centre, formerly Audio Visual Research Centre, Manipur University, was established in 1989 with full assistance from UGC. The educational programmes produced by

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