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    The Noida International University (NIU) was establlished in 2010 is located in one of the most promising economic districts of the country and situated in NCR Delhi, and offers infinite opportunities for self motivated individuals for their cognitive, personal and executive development.
    NIU offers global facilities for a rich and interactive personalized learning surrounding. The university possesses of an internationally acclaimed teaching fraternity, competitive courses, global students profile, a extravagant campus and the joy of unearthing one of the richest and most importantly the enchanting cultures of the world. It focuses highly on learning. Its one-on-one interaction pedagogy with some of the most esteem and highly acclaimed masters in their individual fields of specialization and a diverse range of extracurricular activities and top-rated career service that boost the students employability. Their list of global recognized and high in demand courses introduce the students to an attractive living environment that is home to a multicultural community. NIU is a global village indeed and provides its students with a host of attractive living environments to enrich their social life while living their responsibilities and pursuing their professional goals.


Sadanand Anand

October 05, 2016

Nice location, great faculty-mostly all of them have done phd, you will have a bright future after you complete your degree from here. So you must check out this one if you are interested in legal affairs.

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Idaspati Bose

October 05, 2016

Best place to pursue law and learn legal management. I am currently in third year and I would say that this is the best place for LLB. I would suggest this college to all.

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Why Noida International University

  • Situated in Noida within the National Capital Region of Delhi, NIU is the just the ideal place to choose a career and pursue it.
  • NIU has one of th
  • It further enhances the learning experiences with access to a state of the art electronic library, IT infrastructure.
  • Noida as one of the most developed economic district, is quickly becoming the centre where multinational institutions and international brands are setting up their operations thus increasing proximity with the industry.
  • Not only does it offers world class facilities but the college also provides easy educational credits and scholarships and a very affectionate and dedicated educational staff.
  • The institute has much to offer infinite opportunities for self motivated individuals for their intellectual, personal and professional development.
  • The privilege or rather the benefit of choosing NIU is its access to its international counterparts.
  • NIU is in the process of signing a MoUs with leading educational institutions world wide to facilitate a constant exchange of students, scholars, research topics for various specialization to further the students interest.
  • NIU has drawn concrete plans for students and scholars to can join the partner universities and organisations on a short term or periodic basis to enhance their skills and their expertise over a particular subject.
  • NIU also provides its students a step ahead of the league by providing a continuously upgraded curriculum at NIU to meet global industry standards.
  • The courses and the study materials are regularly checked, analysed and updated in consultation with the leading academicians and industry professionals.
  • The students of NIU are constantly given on-site training and internship opportunities in all the courses.
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