• About Prashanti Credit Co-operative Ltd.

    The Institution has a very humble but a very inspiring beginning. On Feb. 2002 Prashanti Credit Co-operative Ltd. was founded by Mr. Lakhanlal Gupta (Advocate) getting inspired by lofty ideals for the betterment of the economic, moral and material well-being of the Community. The institution instigated with the aim to encourage the savings giving higher rate of interest, facilitate commercial requirements by providing loans without delay and day to day needs of our customers like draft, recurring deposits, daily collection etc. For the same we approach the customers at their doorstep on single phone call to save their precious time and resources.

    Making a modest beginning with 183 members, share capital of Rs. 3.8 Lakhs , deposits of Rs. 118.67 Lakhs and reserves of Rs. 1000 only, the institution has shown an impressive growth in short span of 10 years. At present there are 437 members, share capital of Rs.10.12 Lakhs, deposits of Rs 813.31. Lakhs and reserves of Rs. 20.60 Lakhs.

    One of the major recent achievement of our institution is establishment of our branch at Prashanti Institute of Technology and Science gram gangedi, around eight to ten kilometers away from Ujjain City to reach our village customers and students in that region who are residing little away from the city to cater their financial needs at a convenient location.

    The Branch of PCCL in the Campus of Prashanti Institute of Technology and Science would help the students and staff with banking solutions and also help the students attain education loans easily to make the education easy for the desired student and contribute towards the progress of the country. It would also play a major role in fee deposition and other miscellaneous requirements of the students. Establishment of the only credit cooperative institution in Gangedi region has added to utmost relief for the local people too as there is no other within the radius of six kilometers.

Why Prashanti Credit Co-operative Ltd.

  • Our mission is to mobilize resources, provide cost effective & quality services, banking products and other professionalized services to our customers
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