• About Rajendra Institutes

    Rajendra Institutes are group of educational institutions have been set up in Haryana state to promote excellence in education and research. The promoters of the Rajendra institutes are highly qualified, have vast experience in the field of education and are dedicated to produce excellence and quality education based on moral values and ethics. All the institutes of our group promote education in the most modern way and to introduce new and latest courses. The institutions provide best infrastructure to the students and appoint highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The institutions provide scholarships to meritorious students on the basis of rank in annual examination. The institutions motivate the students to acquire top places in the national and international levels.
    Presently five institutions namely, Rajendra Institutes of Technology & Sciences, Rajendra School of Nursing, Rajendra Triveni College of Education, Rajendra Institute of Health Sciences and Rajendra Polytechnic are run under the banner of Rajendra institutes.

Why Rajendra Institutes

  • Presently, the institutions offer education in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences, Nursing, Education, Health sciences and Engineering. Highly qualified faculty members have
  • All facilities which are needed to the students, teachers and non-teaching staff members are provided in the institutions. I am sure that the students of these institutions will enjoy their studies with the modern facilities which are provided to them.
  • Rajendra Institutes have state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities like Buildings, Furniture, Equipments, Internet, Libraries, Hostels, Transport, Sports complex and other supporting services. All the instituttions here impart quality education so as to inculcate competitive spirit among students, enhance their technical skills and sharpen their abilities for all round development of personality of the professionals. The students acquire practical skills such as teamwork, leadership and cultural awareness that enhance their employment potential.
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