• About Shri Baba Mastnath University

    Shri Baba Mastnath University was founded in the year 1997. The institution is affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU). It proffers several undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields such as Applied Sciences, Botany, Chemistry, Arts, Economics, Commerce, Healthcare, etc. The primary vision of the institute is to establish and manage schools and institutes, dedicated to providing the best education and practical training in diverse fields like Engineering, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Physical Sciences, Management, etc. The institute aims to bring all its different educational institutes under the same brand to promote a more collusive relationship. The institute strives to spread the message of the pros of scientific and technological developments. It also aims to provide better healthcare and a high quality of education at a reasonable cost to the socially backward people.

Why Shri Baba Mastnath University

  • Shri Baba Mastnath University has a huge and well-maintained sports ground to promote the physical well-being of the students.
  • The institution regu
  • It provides transportation services to its students for their easy conveyance.
  • A well-stocked central library with an impressive collection of books on various subjects.
  • The institution also undertakes many initiatives on various social causes like female foeticide, AIDS, etc.
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