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Identity Achievement

It took me four years to find my career path. In doing so, I discovered several other traits and interests about me. I am much more focused and confident in everything that I do. Each identity status played an important...

/ March 27, 2016

Note To Self: Take Care Of Your Body

As soon as it was 5 PM, you couldn’t stay home. You had to go out and play. Do you remember? You had some cricket to play. Or some hide and seek You had old ladies to confront For your...

/ February 4, 2016

Note To Self: Do not Stop Drawing

You used to love drawing, do you remember? All you would want for your birthday: colors of all shades and papers for you to doodle on. And after each drawing, you would go to your mother and hand it over...

/ February 4, 2016

Note To Self: Talk To Mum & Dad More

You used to tell your parents everything, do you remember? From the new friends you made to what you learned in class From the people who were nice to you, to the people who were mean to you From the...

/ February 4, 2016

Note to Self: Don’t Give Up Too Soon

You used to be a stubborn child, do you remember? If someone said a thing couldn’t be done You would do it just to prove them wrong But also to see if it couldn’t actually be done You didn’t know...

/ February 4, 2016

Note to Self: You’ll Be Just Fine

As long as you keep on learning You’ll be just fine As long as you keep creating You’ll be just fine If you also take care of your body you’ll be just fine as long as you communicate you’ll be...

/ February 4, 2016

Why 80% Of ‘Engineers’ Are Unemployable

“Pata hai? Bada hokar na main engineer banuga. Mere bhaai ne bhi engineering kari thi. Usmein bahut paise hai.” There goes this story of a professor in a reputed Engineering College who would go around asking lone students about the...

/ September 30, 2015

10 Reasons To Start Your Career In Web Development

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating and running a website? Have you ever stared at the beautiful minimalistic animation of a website for hours? Do you have an aching desire to create the next Facebook, Amazon or Reddit?...

/ September 30, 2015

Love Designing? Here’s 10 Careers Opportunities For You

A decade ago, when someone said they wanted to be a designer, everyone assumed that it meant that they wanted to either be a fashion or interior designer. But now, the design industry is vast and recruiting by the thousands....

/ July 15, 2015

How to Make Your Parents Say Yes To Everything!

Some data scientists believe that, the most often repeated word by mothers to their teenage children is ‘NO’. Well, not really. It is not impossible to change that NO to a ‘Maybe’ and a gradual YES!

/ July 5, 2015

5 Bad Habits You Need To Change In College

Congratulations, if you’ve gotten into your dream college! If you’ve settled for something less, don’t be disheartened, this is what you can do. Life is college is completely different from life in school. There’s a lot more freedom and a...

/ July 5, 2015

How Education in India is Killing Students’ Creativity

Part 1: Is Your School Killing Your Creativity? The most watched TED talk on YouTube is Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ at over 8 million views! In it, he mentions a widely accepted truth: exams (standardized tests) do...

/ July 1, 2015

How Taking A Break Year Will Change Your Life

Before you read on, be sure to check out Part 1 here: Why You Should Take A Break Year After 12th You’ll be doing everything you’ve probably said no to in the past two years to study for Boards. Even...

/ June 28, 2015

Why You Should Take A Break Year After 12th

Nandita, a friend, recently went to Delhi University to enroll in a Philosophy Course. And she randomly asked another aspirant the following: Nandita: Why did you choose Philosophy? DU Aspirant: That’s the only subject I am able to clear the...

/ June 28, 2015

How Delhi University Can (Kind Of) Solve Its “High Cut-Offs” Problem

As the Delhi University cut-offs get higher each year, the internet is flooded with memes at the ridiculous minimum percentages, cries of pass-outs and increasing blood pressure of high school students unsure if they’ll crack the DU admissions in the...

/ June 25, 2015

DU Announces First Cut-Off List: B.Com(H) at 97.375% for SRCC, 97.25% for Hindu & Hansraj

Delhi University cut-offs flirt with the 100 percent mark for yet another year as colleges promise to be “cautious”. The front runners this year are Lady Shri Ram College, A.R.S.D and CVS, all announcing a whopping 98% for its B.Com...

/ June 25, 2015

What Most Students Don’t Consider Before Taking a College Admission

If you intend to take your college education seriously, and actually learn, do not forget to visit each college on your list once before making a decision. Check out when your prospective colleges will have an open session.

/ June 22, 2015

Do THIS If You’re In A High School Relationship

High School mein pyaar sabko hota hai: kabhi best friend ke saath, kabhi jis ladki ke saath chidaya jaata hai aur kabhi new-admission waale ladke ke saath.

/ June 22, 2015

10 Things To Do After Your Board Exams

Jab bachhe the toh bas bade banne chahte hai Ab bade ban rahe hai toh bachhe rehna chahte hai Life after school can be scary, y’know. You’re out of your cocoon and it can take some time to get accustomed...

/ June 22, 2015

Don’t Get Lost In The Race Of Joining Colleges!

Stop. Ask yourself. What do you actually like doing? The college with the highest cut-offs might not offer the course that makes your heart sing.

/ June 22, 2015